Finally! Success with my smoked sausage gumbo recipe today. This is probably my fourth or fifth time making it since last summer, but I think I'm getting improvement in each iteration. This time 'twas not too bland, not nuclear hot. I gave Timothy instructions to stir in the rice only in the last hour so that it wouldn't turn into mush. I cooked just enough such that there were no leftovers. And thanks to Claire Bear's Christmas gift of crockpot liners, cleanup was super quick.

As I was eating dinner and catching up with the boys, I quickly checked my messages. Tonight's Lector Meeting was postponed to next week. Tomorrow's CCD class is cancelled as is Abby's Youth Band practice. Qualcomm New England said that their offices are closed tomorrow, but I still have to work from home or take a vacation day. And of course Milford Schools are closed tomorrow. Hopefully the Superintendent doesn't robo-dial me at 5am to remind me.

So for a change tonight I get to sit by our roaring fire, sipping some hot drinks, watching an episode of "Top Gear" with my boys. <<insert manly grunt here>>

Now if everyone can just stay healthy and we can maintain our utilities (electricity, internet, etc), that would be awesome.

 Click for the original source on Buzzfeed

Click for the original source on Buzzfeed

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