Good morning and Happy Throwback Thursday. Here in June 2006 we had our early signs of the type of child Timothy would turn into. I had opened up a dead cable modem gateway to see if there was anything obvious (like a fuse) and his eyes LIT UP!

Timothy examines a dead cable gateway

I made the kids Chicken Chile Burrito Bowls for dinner last night. Even though I *thought* there'd be leftovers, it was good enough that many had seconds and pot went empty. It reminded me of something you might order at Chipotle. It also helped that Claire Bear joined us for dinner (and she sliced up an avocado as garnish). Recommended.

After a quick cleanup I went over to St. Pats for a fast moving RCIA class. With Palm Sunday and Holy Week coming up, there was a lot of go over. I was happy to get back home and relax with just the boys. While the girls went for a swim at Hampshire Hills, the boys and I de-stressed with a recent episode of the Tonight Show/Jimmy Fallon.

This morning I got the kids out the door, went to 7:30 Mass, and breakfast at Cafe on the Oval (w/Paul B) afterwards. Michael has a quick appointment at the Orthodontist to get spacers put in before he gets a new (replacement) appliance installed next week. I had a smooth commute down to Boxborough, listening to one of my favorite weekly tech podcasts, especially since it's their 500th episode! 10+ years of podcasting! 

I got past the obscure Microsoft error I'd been fighting and so will be spending the day making a new simulation environment for our design verification guys. Hopefully I can catch the Step class tonight, work permitting.

I'll close with my Twinz' favorite video of the week

It's a parody of "Uptown Funk" with a Harry Potter theme. Anytime they hear it, they come running to watch it again. It's so well done that it's almost as good as the original. I doubt Weird Al could have done better. I particularly like Lord Voldemort's bald head having curlers in it.

AuthorScott Bilik