After taking the kids to Hampshire Hills this morning, we decided to head down to Nashua to eat at the Pheasant Lane mall's food court for lunch. We did a little bit o' shopping afterwards.

 Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor

Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor

Daniel got some Lindt chocolate, Claire Bear got some shoes for work, Timothy got a beefier power supply for his Raspberry Pi, and I picked up this t-shirt for upcoming workouts. I was briefly tempted at the Apple Store, but resisted. ;-) Timothy & I joked about picking up their Magic Trackpad and hooking it up to his 'Pi'. The trackpad would cost twice as much as the computer itself !!

When we got back I did a lot of chopping away at the ice in our driveway. Claire laughed when I announced what I was going to do. She thought I was using an ethnic accent to say "shopping". Afterwards I got to nap for the first time in months. I miss Saturday naps. Claire Bear & I worked together on reusing the leftover pulled pork to make enchiladas for dinner. A nice change from the usual beef or chicken enchiladas!

Eventually Abita came home from the Fast she participated in with St. John Neumann's youth group. I set her 'n Claire Bear up with Crazy, Stupid, Love while Tim & I tinkered upstairs. Considering tonight's time shift, it's time to wrap up.

AuthorScott Bilik