Ah, the downside of web clipping recipes and editing out the background discussion of how a particular foodie came to try this-or-that recipe. Note in the original web site it says, "a bit spicy for the kids".

  Creole Rice Skillet with Andouille Sausage

Creole Rice Skillet with Andouille Sausage

Yes, yes it was. Claire Bear and I prepared this last night. I thought it was good and had a second bowl, but not the kids. The poor kids couldn't finish their bowls. It's not "my lips are burning" spicy. It's "my scalp is sweating" hot. I apologized for the mistake, not knowing just how much "kick" Andouille Sausage had. What Chorizo is in Mexican cooking, Andouille is for French/New Orleans cooking. I might try it again but with a milder sausage.

So tonight we're going to "cool it" with shmancy tuna salad wraps: onion, matchstick carrots, sprouts, celery, etc. In the meantime I need to decide what I want to do with the two leftover uncooked Andouille sausage links, at least for something I can eat when the kids are away. Perhaps dice it up and add it to some lentils or beans.

Other than the Sunday dinner mishap, I think we had a good weekend. Some of us watched the 2008 romantic comedy "Over Her Dead Body".  We got to Hampshire Hills twice on Saturday: once for a workout and later on to brave the outdoor pool. We went to the Saturday evening Youth Mass where Abby played clarinet for the last time this school year.

Sunday morning we took a bunch of too-small clothes to Goodwill. Then I took the family for breakfast at Panera before we did some clothes shopping next door at Target. I made a Marian mini-pilgrimage with my friend Dick Horn. We also learned three card games over the weekend. This came in particularly handy on Sunday, as it rained most of the afternoon. Late in the evening The Boyz and I stayed up to watch another episode of "A.D." So good.

Today the much needed rain continues. The younger four are in school. Claire Bear is interning locally today through Wednesday and working at the oral surgeon Thursday and Friday. I took the van to the 7:30 services at St. Patricks, had a quick egg sandwich at Cafe on the Oval, and head down to work. Yes, the minivan had more visibility -- which is nice on overcast, rainy commutes -- but man is it boring to drive compared to "Shadow". I offered up the Luminous Mysteries for the children and then listened to some Renaissance history the rest of the way. I'm looking forward to getting my Chromebook tonight. I can use it while making my notes for this Wednesday's RCIA summer session.

AuthorScott Bilik