Good morning! 'Twas a pretty full day yesterday. I took the whole crew to Hampshire Hill. CBear, Abita, and I did an exhausting Body Step class. Michael & Timbo went to the machine room while Daniel hit the pool. Afterwards we had a big brunch at Cafe on the Oval. From there Abita walked over to her baby sitting job. The rest of us dropped Tim off at his friend Daniel in Mason. [Aside: for many of us in Milford, Mason is a 'use your GPS' town. So easy to get lost!] Once home I worked on laundry while CBear did inventory for groceries, after which she and I then hit Market Basket. CBear went to visit a good friend as soon as we returned, but the Twinz helped me unpack.

When Tim returned later in the afternoon, his friend Daniel's mom and I discussed the possibility of sending the two of them to ASD in their 8th grade year. Regarding ASD it's never been a cost concern, just a logistics one since it's in Nashua and there are no buses. 10 years ago I used to work right near it's new location which would have been super convenient.

I brought the boys over to Saint Patrick' and the girls met up with us there. Tim was the altar server this weekend. After Mass I invited Sister Marcelle to join us for dinner at Mi Jalisco. When I got back I finished the last bits of laundry and ran an errand for CBear.

The big push to get it all done (laundry, shopping, etc.) was because today CBear wants us all to go to a beach, likely Lake Sunapee. She really wanted to do it yesterday but there were too many schedule conflicts and doubts about the weather. Today though everyone is free and it's supposed to be even hotter than yesterday with none of the popup storms that hit NH late in the afternoon. Luckily Milford was spared the intense spots other towns saw.

I'm a little sad that we couldn't affordably travel to Chicago this weekend. It was a Double Baptism for my newest niece and nephew, Cora and Jack. How cool must that have been? Kind of like The Twinz' Baptism but cousins instead of brothers.

AuthorScott Bilik