It was a pretty full day Saturday. All five kids came with me to Hampshire Hills in the morning. Claire and I took BodyStep while the rest went to the machine room. Often we usually just stay there and have brunch at their grill, but we decided to make a trip into Nashua and have lunch at Chipotle. Eating at that particular Chipotle often seems like a bit of an homage to Michelle. She often stopped there after teaching one of her cardio classes in Merrimack. By the way: try Chipotle's new chorizo offering. Claire 'n I did and it has a nice kick!


The downside of working out and then having a heavy burrito bowl lunch is that we often feel sleepy from the food coma -- like post-Thanksgiving dinner but on Saturday afternoon! So we then stopped at A&E Roasters where Blake was hard at work at the coffee bar. One large Papua New Guinea coffee for Papa, and assorted drinks for the kids.

Newly re-caffeinated and now able to see in color, I head home to start the laundry pipeline. Then I reviewed the Milford Voters Guide once more before heading to the polls. Sadly even though the local town polling was postponed from Tuesday to Saturday (because of Storm Stella) only 1865 out of 11,149 registered voters showed up. 1/6th of the voters. I consider them the 1/6th who now have the right to complain about how the town is managed, how money is spent, and their property tax bills. I was also a bit sad that two local candidates that I knew did NOT get the positions they were campaigning for.

 Click to see the official movie trailer

Click to see the official movie trailer

Once I got back it was almost time to get the kids ready for Mass. It was the monthly Teen Mass and Teen Night Out. Michael & Daniel were ushers and gift bearers. Timothy was an altar server. Since it was Lent and a lot of the youth ministers had conflicts with planning the night, we kept things low key. I picked up a bunch of pizzas and soft drinks and we watched Risen. What I like about Risen is that it's not a movie about Jesus per se. It's about Clavius, a Roman Tribune, who was there at the crucifixion & burial and is later directed by Pontius Pilate to head the investigation about what happened to his body after burial. Teens are naturally filled with doubts and skepticism and I think this is a movie that helps them face those.

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